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Loading dock repair



Although loading docks are built to withstand the toughest jobs and roughest conditions, eventually the wear and tear take their toll and docks need repairing. Maintenance and repairs are necessary for keeping workers safe and keeping a business running at full efficiency. A malfunctioning loading dock can cause delays and profit loss for your company. Whether you need routine maintenance or a serious repair on your commercial loading dock, we can help. 

Dock and Pit Leveler Repair

Our trained specialists have experience with all types of loading docks and dock equipment. Even if we didn’t originally install your dock or pit leveler, we can still fix it. Sometimes parts are installed incorrectly by another company, or the equipment wears out over time. No matter what the issue is, we can quickly diagnose and solve the problem. Our trucks are stocked with every tool needed to repair or maintain your dock or pit leveler so you can quickly get back to business as usual.

If your dock or pit levelers no longer make smooth connections or they just aren’t working quite right, it’s time to call a professional before the problem becomes critical. Sometimes the issue is a simple fix, such as a fuse replacement in the control panel. Other times, it’s a more complicated issue needing the help of a trained professional. 

Regular maintenance checks can help spot small issues before they are beyond repair. Our technicians will check fluid levels of the hydraulics and perform inspections to ensure your dock and pit levelers are in working order. Call us today to set up routine maintenance checks so you can stay proactive instead of reactive toward potential issues.

Dock Door, Seal, and Shelter Repair

A dock door that experiences heavy daily usage on a busy loading dock will need regular maintenance to ensure its continual smooth operation. If your dock door, seal, or shelter is experiencing problems, we can help repair or replace the parts to get your operation running at full capacity once more. Our professional technicians have experience with all types of doors and door equipment, including:

Loading dock doors can experience problems with sensors, springs, cables, misaligned tracks, or general wear and tear. All of these can cause safety concerns, halt productivity, and lead to a generally frustrating day at work! If you are experiencing issues with your door, don’t delay in calling a professional to come check it out.

Door seals and shelters can also experience wear and tear, and may require complete replacement if heavy usage causes irreparable damage. If a seal or shelter is worn, your building is at risk for dust, bugs, weather, and other contaminants entering the dock area. To keep your building secure and running at top efficiency, call the experts to repair or replace your dock door parts sooner rather than later.

Truck Restraint Repair

Truck restraints are essential for keeping personnel and equipment safe and secure. An accident can cause both injury and product loss, which is why well-functioning truck restraints should be a top priority for any loading dock. Truck restraints are not often items you can neglect if they are in disrepair. Simply not using truck restraints, or using ones that are not properly working, opens up a whole host of liability and risk for a business. We ensure proper installation and function on all of the top-branded truck restraints we carry. Talk to us today if you are in need of truck restraint repair or replacement.

Exceeding Expectations

When you call Industrial Door Company to repair or replace a malfunctioning part on your loading dock, you can expect us to investigate to find the root of the problem before leaving your facility. Instead of just treating the current visible symptom, we remedy the core issue so the same problems don’t keep returning time after time. Our primary objective is to make sure your loading docks receive quick repairs that are long-lasting from our reliable experts. We aren’t satisfied with a repair until you are.

With more than 35 years in the industry, we have earned enough experience to tackle any issue you may face with your loading dock equipment. You can rely on us to be available for emergency repairs 24/7, because we understand a malfunctioning loading bay can cause huge delays and can affect more than just your own business. Keep your loading dock in top shape with our experienced and reliable experts.


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