Dock Equipment

Dock equipment



Dock Seals

A dock seal helps to protect the cargo from truck shipments against the weather. It does this by acting as a barrier between the truck and the warehouse or building. 

Industrial Door Company installs and services all types of dock seal equipment from many of the top manufacturers.

Dock shelters act similar to an umbrella by creating a small shelter over the opening of the truck. They extend out from the building, so that the contents of the trucks are sheltered from rain and bad weather as they are unloaded. 

A Dock shelter also serves to protect workers as they move cargo on and off trucks.

Dock Shelters

Pit Levelers

Some pit levelers are also called dock levelers or dock lifts. Dock levelers serve the purpose of aligning the truck's opening with the level of the warehouse floor. Keeping the personnel and the cargo safe is vital.

Industrial Door Company maintains, services, repairs, and installs Pit Levelers across Northern California.

Truck restraints are built in to warehouses to ensure that the truck does not damage the building as it is backing up. Correct installation of a truck restraint will help to ensure that they function as intended. 

We service and install many brands of truck restraint including Kelley, Blue Giant, Level-Rite, and more.

Truck Restraints

Edge of Dock Leveler

Edge of Dock Levelers are very similar to Pit Levelers, except they are retrofitted after a warehouse or dock is built. They are dependable and sturdy when maintained and installed properly.

Industrial Door Company maintains, services, repairs, and installs Edge of Dock Levelers across Northern California.


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