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What is a dock plate? If your dock needs a solution to bridge the gap between trucks and your dock, you can count on our dock plate installation and repair service. Not all trucks are the same height, which means you need a versatile option to keep your dock operating at top efficiency and speed. With expert service from Industrial Door Company, you’ll get the loading dock plate necessary to meet your business’s needs.

Are you struggling to bridge the gap between trucks and your warehouse floor or dock? Let us show you how the right dock plate can make all the difference.

Why Choose Us?

Time is money for your business. When you don’t have the proper dock plate, you are wasting precious time and resources. Our team of experts will help you with professional loading dock plate installation to make your dock more efficient. Plus, when you need dock plate repair, we will be there right away to get your dock and crew up and running quickly.

Looking for an aluminum dock plate? Whatever type of dock plate you need, you’ll find it in our wide selection of the industry’s top brands. Choose from trusted brands like Rite-Hite, Pioneer, Aaron-Bradley, Serco, Kelley, Bluff, Blue Giant, Level-Rite, Nordock, Pentalift, and McGuire. We’ll help you find the perfect product to meet your dock plate needs.

Superior Dock Plate Service for Superior Dock Operation Results

We employ top dock service technicians, so you can trust your dock plate repair or dock plate installation is in expert hands.

Your employees and customer will appreciate your ability to keep your dock operating optimally, rather than dealing with multiple breakdowns that keep your business from being profitable.

Why Is It Important to Choose Professionals for Your Dock Plate Installation?

The higher level of expertise at Industrial Door Company gives you peace of mind. You will know your loading dock plate will work like it should with fewer hassles and costly repairs. Dock plate installation and dock plate repair require experienced technicians who understand the unique needs of your dock operations. Don’t settle for less than the best for your loading dock plate service.

Dependable, Expert Dock Plate Installation and Dock Plate Repair

Reach out to the IDC team today for any dock plate need you may have in the Greater Sacramento area. We are here to provide the dock plate service to make your business successful.


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