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Our company installs and repairs all types of high speed roll up doors including:

  • High speed metal roll up doors
  • High speed fabric roll up doors
  • High speed freezer doors
  • High Speed vinyl Doors

High Speed Commercial and Industrial Doors

High speed commercial and industrial roll up doors are built for both speed and low-maintenance. They are often used for high traffic areas where a high number of opening and closing cycles are needed each day, and they protect the productivity of the business by minimizing downtime. Because of the fast speeds of opening and closing, these doors can be used to prevent air contamination, regulate temperature, improve energy efficiency, boost productivity, and ensure safety from dangerous materials or operations. The material of the doors varies depending on need and can come in metal varieties as well as fabric and vinyl.

High Speed Metal Roll Up Doors

High speed metal roll up doors offer an attractive and low-maintenance option for businesses. Many of our doors have a springless design that eliminates the leading cause of problems that result in door failures and costly repairs. This design allows for up to 300,000 maintenance free cycles. Businesses can choose steel varieties, which are stronger and more durable, or aluminum which is lighter, rustproof, and cost efficient.  

High Speed Fabric Roll up Doors

Fabric roll up doors are a sturdy choice that can be used in virtually every situation. When different doors are needed in various locations to achieve different tasks, fabric roll up doors are ideal. Some lines are designed to withstand high amounts of pressure and wind, while others are ideal for food or health industries that need quick and easy sanitation. Other fabric doors are perfect for car wash settings, or for controlling the temperature in food storage areas.

High Speed Freezer Doors

High speed cycles are crucial for commercial freezers that need to maintain a steady temperature. High speeds allow for equipment and workers to enter and exit the area quickly without wear and tear on the door’s systems. When closed, they provide a tight seal that prevents cold air from escaping, and contain defrost systems that prevent frost from accumulating on the doors. The doors are also built with safety and durability in mind, and have available features that allow for accident forgiveness as well as object detection.

High Speed Vinyl Doors

Vinyl doors are the perfect choice for room separation and environmental control. They provide a superior barrier for dust and other harmful particles and can withstand adverse temperatures and pressure. Some varieties can include vision panels for extra safety and security in warehouse settings. Vinyl doors can provide a reliable and economical alternative to steel roll up doors.

Our Manufacturing Partners

Our company is proud to partner with a variety of high-speed door manufacturers. All of our manufacturers are known for high-quality doors designed for speed, durability, and low maintenance to keep your business running smoothly. Whether your priority is speed, temperature control, or cleanliness, there is a perfect choice for every business. At Industrial Door Company, we work with only the best.

Our Manufacturers:

Pioneer industrial doors
Assa Abloy
Rite Hite
Cornell Cookson
PerforMax Global
Jamison Door Company
Albany Doors
TNR Doors
Overhead Door


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