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Specialty Commercial Doors

Each business has a unique set of needs when it comes to commercial doors. That is why we have a flexible and extensive line of high-quality specialty commercial doors for every need. Whether your business needs extra security, durability, strength, or special functions, we can help you find the perfect solution. We work with the best brands in the business and stand behind all of our specialty products.

High-Speed Roll-Up Doors

There are many benefits to investing in a high-speed roll-up door. This type of commercial door limits waiting time for employees which improves overall productivity in the workplace. In addition, high-speed doors can increase security by controlling who enters the area. They are great for environmental control and can provide a perfect barrier between dangerous materials and other areas and can even help to control the temperature. This type of door is designed to be low-maintenance with minimal downtime.

Accordion Doors and Operable Walls

Accordion doors and operable walls are perfect for businesses that desire the flexibility of the room’s layout or an easy solution for partitioning a larger room. This type of specialty door can quickly and easily turn a large room into smaller meeting rooms or offices while also providing sound control. Not only is this type of door cost effective and versatile, but it is also easy enough for any employee to quickly operate.

Strip Doors

Strip doors provide an effective barrier against elements such as wind and dust while also being quickly accessible for both foot traffic and small vehicles such as forklifts. They are great for reducing energy costs and sectioning off different rooms of the workplace. Industrial Door Company can install any type of strip door with under header or face of wall attachments based entirely on your specific needs.

Impact Doors

Impact doors are great for areas that have a high amount of traffic in both directions. They have a 180-degree swing ability in both directions, and no bottom hinge to allow for the maximum amount of traffic. Most doors include safety windows and are easy to maintain and clean.

Cold Storage Doors

When you have the need to control the temperature of a refrigerated or frozen area, having a high-quality door is incredibly important. This type of door opens and closes at high speeds, limiting exposure to other environments. They have perimeter seals that keep out warmer temperatures and also have a defrost system to keep frost from accumulating on the door. This type of door protects your goods while also helping to keep energy costs low.

Entrance Equipment

Our entrance equipment has all of the modern convenience and technology that you can expect from high-quality doors. With options for smartphone access, we partner with Chamberlain, Door King, Linear, and other major brands to install equipment that is vandal-resistant, advanced, and user-friendly. We install telephone entry systems, card readers, access controls, keypads, and more to cater to your specific needs.

We are excited to provide your business with the best of service when it comes to specialty commercial doors and equipment. Contact us today at (916)260-2463 or fill out a form online to talk to a professional so we can help you to find the perfect solution for your company.

Manufacturers We Carry:

Four- Fold doors are a fast, efficient, and low maintenance option for commercial properties like fire stations and high volume warehouses.

Their high speed operation allows an opening to be cleared at an average speed of 24 inches per second compared to traditional coiling and overhead doors that take around 8-12 inches per second. Not only are these doors fast opening, they decrease temperature fluctuations due to the door being opened which increases energy efficiency.

Typically with conventional overhead doors drivers lose visibility of the door and can run into the bottom panels of the door but with four-fold the drivers can see the door from open to close with ease. With annual preventative maintenance these doors are designed to perform 1 million cycles and in the event of auto operation being unavailable they are easy to open manually with no springs under tensions or time consuming heavy chain hoists.


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