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Sectional doors which are also often referred to as overhead doors are available in a variety of colors, styles, shapes, and sizes. The most common type of sectional door that you might be familiar with is a garage door. These “sectional” doors, come apart and move to accommodate the motion of being opened and closed with ease. They are typically run on rails from the door opening to a set of rails overhead, and they remain nestled in the rails until the door is closed again. These doors are great for high traffic areas such as garage bays or delivery bays because if a section of the door breaks or becomes damaged, you don’t need to replace the entire door. Industrial Door Company is well versed in everything related to sectional overhead doors, so don’t hesitate to give us a call about your sectional doors today.

Sectional Overhead Doors

In general, sectional overhead doors are an economical choice for commercial and industrial spaces that have overhead room to store the door. Because the door moves in sections, it does not roll up and get stored, as roll-up doors do. Instead, these doors need space to be stored. That’s an important thing to remember when ordering our sectional door from Industrial Door Company.

Overhead Sectional Cold Storage Doors

Industrial Door Company is proud to be able to offer our customers a retrofit cold storage door system that is available in both manual or powered versions. In addition, we also offer swing or overhead rolling type sectional doors. These doors provide state-of-the-art insulating properties, and the freezer models use heat cables between all outer edges to ensure smooth operation. Whether you need one or multiple overhead sectional cold storage doors, we’ve got everything you need to keep your products cold and secure.

Insulated Sectional Doors

When it comes to protecting your commercial and industrial spaces from the elements, a great way to do that is to install an insulated sectional door. This is great for mechanics who work on vehicles all winter long, or for businesses that receive deliveries in the colder months. These densely insulated doors offer strength and durability. They have industry-leading R-values and provide year-round comfort for you and your employees while they work near the doors.

Sectional Steel Doors

Sectional steel doors are available in both aluminum and steel, and you can get them in an insulated model or non-insulated model. Depending on your needs and budget, you might opt for a standard lift, high lift, or full vertical lift when ordering a sectional steel door. Because they are heavy, they are designed to open carefully. They are commonly found in industrial buildings, automotive repair shops, and automotive sales shops so vehicles can easily get in and out of the showrooms.

Aluminum Sectional Doors

Whether you decide to go with a sectional door or another type of commercial door, aluminum is a great choice for any of your industrial door needs. We recommend aluminum for a lot of our clients, and it is typically used when you want to have windows installed in your sectional doors because it is easy to work with and manipulate for shaping and sizing of the windows. There are many glazing options available for aluminum sectional doors, and the doors are 2 ⅛” thick, which gives you plenty of protection from the elements, noise and more. Contact Industrial Door Company to talk about your sectional door needs today. We look forward to discussing your project and helping you find the right sectional door for your commercial or industrial space.

Sectional Door Manufacturers We Carry:

  • Amarr garage door
  • Arm-R-lite
  • Clopay
  • Wayne-Dalton
  • Rite Hite
  • CHI overhead doors
  • Alumatech


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