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Security Doors - Repair, Replacement & Installation Services



Protecting your commercial business requires high-quality security doors. However, selecting the best metal security doors may feel overwhelming. Do you like the protection of solid steel security doors or prefer the aesthetics of storefront security doors? Industrial Door Company is the industry leader for safe room doors, security gates, and security grills.

Short on space? Our roll-up security doors and swinging security doors offer the same benefits as traditional models. If you have a specific concern, we’ll help you pick the right type of exterior security doors or interior security doors to keep your business safe. Whether you like the look of metal or wood doors, we’ve got you covered. Our team offers repair and installation service for all of the high-security doors we carry. We can help you find the right commercial security doors to give you peace of mind.

Metal Security Doors

When it comes to protecting your business, metal security doors are the gold standard. These heavy-duty doors are strong enough to withstand a variety of environments, which is why metal doors are the go-to option for many applications, including banks, schools, and hospitals. Industrial Door Company carries a wide range of options and styles suitable for all industries.

There are many different types of metal doors on the market. At Industrial Door Company, we can help you narrow down your selection. Steel security doors provide unbeatable protection. Steel is rust-resistant and less likely to crack or bow when compared to other materials. It’s also more energy-efficient. Installing new security doors can help lower utility costs while also increasing safety. Metal doors can fit any frame, and swinging doors are also available to help save space.

We specialize in metal exterior security doors at Industrial Door Company. These robust doors are heavy, blocking out both sound and light. They hold up well in high-traffic areas, including public restrooms and restaurants. They’re also easy to clean and sanitize. If you need something lighter, yet still durable, consider metal interior security doors. These models are easier to open and close, but they always provide an unbelievable amount of protection. Double security doors are best suited for wider door frames. This type makes it possible to open either one or two doors at the same time to control traffic.

Investing in high-security doors is one of the best decisions you can make for your business. Metal doors provide superior protection and will give you peace of mind when you lock up for the day. Industrial Door Company will lead you through the selection and installation process. We are the commercial door installation experts, and we always guarantee our work. Our experts also offer a fast and reliable repair service to fix any damage you may encounter. If you want, we can even replace missing hardware on all types of security doors.

Rollup Security Doors

Rollup security doors are the ideal solution for tight commercial spaces. Many businesses struggle to find the right doors simply because they don’t have a lot of extra room. Instead of requiring extra clearance to open and close, overhead doors simply tuck away when in use.

High-security roll-up doors not only protect your valuables, but they also make it possible to enter or exit a facility without hassle. Overhead sectional doors are common in warehouses, auto shops, and other industrial settings.

At Industrial Door Company, we carry the most popular high-speed roll-up security doors on the market. Our door experts will match you to the right style to meet your needs. Whether you want security doors that open and close manually or a motorized option, we’ve got you covered.

If you manage an open wall retail environment, security grills are a great solution. When in use, grills disappear from sight completely. Security gates let you control who comes and goes without blocking your line of vision. You’ll find our roll-up gates and grills in malls and parking garages. We can even install additional safeguards and features, like brakes and sensors, or insulation to muffle sounds. As the commercial door experts, you can count on Industrial Door Company for fast installation and dependable service. If you ever have issues with your overhead doors, our repair team will be there in a jiffy.

Storefront Security Doors

Your glass storefront security doors are often the first thing customers notice about your business. Sparkling glass doors against an aluminum frame are the perfect way to welcome visitors to your shop or office space. A fully glass entrance lets natural light fill the room while still providing plenty of safety and protection. When the time comes to upgrade or replace your storefront doors, you have many options.

How much security does your store need? What about the fire-rating? What’s your total budget? Industrial Door Company makes selecting the perfect storefront doors for your business a breeze. We carry an impressive range of styles and designs, and our experts will explain the benefits of each type. It doesn’t matter the size or location of your facility. We will help you pick out the best doors for your specific application.

Whether you need sliding glass doors or drive-through windows, we can help. Count on us to be there in the event of an emergency. Broken glass can put a damper on your business, which is why we also specialize in storefront glass repair and installation. No matter when you need storefront glass and aluminum service, you can rely on our team.

Commercial Wood Security Doors

There is something classic about wood security doors. These doors provide the privacy and protection you desire without the harsh look of metal. Schools, churches, offices, and retail shops often prefer the ambiance that wood doors offer.

At Industrial Door Company, we carry a full range of wood door solutions. All of our products are robust and built to last. Our doors come in a variety of colors and stains, so you’re sure to find something that matches your style. Whether you need flexible swinging doors or solid exterior wood doors, we can help you pick out the perfect model. Our doors come with many available options, including windows. No matter the size of your doorframe, we can help you select a style that will exceed your expectations.

Our professional installation service guarantees a perfect fit every time, and we can even repair damaged doors. The commercial wood doors from Industrial Door Company will keep your business secure.

Safe Room Doors

The valuables in your safe must be secure, even when you’re not around. That’s why we offer a full range of premium safe room doors. Choose from a variety of colors and styles to meet the security needs of your business. Lacking space? Be sure to ask about our roll-up safe room doors, which require less clearance.

High-speed safe room doors open and close quickly, saving time and increasing productivity. Our installation team will match you with the perfect doors to protect everything in your safe. Best of all, our repair service is only a phone call away if you ever need us.

Security Door Brands We Carry:

  • Assa Abloy
  • Haley
  • Allegion
  • Clopay
  • Wayne-Dalton
  • Rite Hite
  • CHI overhead doors
  • Safedoor
  • Blue Giant
  • Cornell Cookson
  • Dynaco
  • DBCI
  • Pioneer door
  • Cookson
  • Rytec
  • Albany Doors
  • Jamison Door
  • Porvene
  • Goff’s curtain walls
  • BEA Sensors
  • Hormann-Flexon
  • TNR Doors
  • PerforMax Global
  • Haley doors
  • Nordock
  • Pitbull


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