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Industrial Door Company proudly serves the Roseville area in the Greater Sacramento metropolitan area.

A Rish History and Thriving Economy in Roseville

The rich history of Roseville, California, began long before the first Europeans stepped foot into the area. Native people made their homes among the groves of oak trees, flower-speckled grasses, rose bushes, and sometimes scorching summers of the Roseville area. One of these tribes was called the Maidu, and hints of this tribe can still be seen and visited in the area at the Maidu Museum and Historical Site.

The landscape began to change in 1848 when miners rushed to California to seek their fortunes in gold. However, when harsh conditions and low success discouraged the men, they began to settle down to a calmer life near the fertile soil of the Roseville area. The area, originally called Griders, was home to a popular stagecoach station that brought many people to the area. The first families in the area raised livestock near the banks of the Dry Creek.

In the 1860s, the railroad came to the area, boosting its population. Griders was renamed Roseville and was incorporated in 1909. Since that time, Roseville has grown. Although many of the old oak trees and rose bushes are gone, the city has become a thriving metropolis and one of the most popular shopping districts in the state. The area is a perfect place to start a business with some of the highest retail sales in California. A recent revitalization project of the city has made owning a business and living in the area even more desirable.

Proud to Serve Roseville

We are proud to serve the people and businesses of Roseville, California. As a premier site for business, we know that it is important for companies to be productive, efficient, and vital. Our main goal is to come alongside businesses to give them the best service and eliminate the hassle and worry that comes from less efficient service.

The doors of a building are a crucial aspect of all businesses. A high-quality door means an attractive storefront, productive warehouses, greater accessibility for customers, and less frustration for employees. We are different from other businesses in a few important ways:

  • “Get the job done right the first time.” Nothing is more frustrating than paying money for an installation only the have to bring the company back the next day to fix a problem. We guarantee quality installations and repairs that are done right the first time.
  • Speed and efficiency. Your productivity as a business is prized by the team at Industrial Door Company. In order to get the job done fast, we have fully stocked vehicles that are ready at a moment’s notice to respond to an installation or repair call without waiting days for parts to come in.
  • Transparency. From the beginning, your business will be given free, honest, and transparent estimates of expected costs so that your company can plan ahead.
  • Affordability. Because of our low overhead costs, we can offer prices that are significantly lower than our competition.

How Can We Help Your Roseville Business?

Industrial Door Company has been offering only the highest quality of doors since 1985. Our customers have a wide variety of needs, so we offer repair and installation for all types of commercial doors including:

Our service staff is available 24/7 to take your repair calls, and we are passionate about fast turnaround and expert customer service. We hope to establish trusting relationships with every business that we work for and would love to help yours with your installation or repair needs.

Contact us at 916-260-2459 to speak with a friendly team member, or fill out our form online to get a free estimate or to answer any questions that you may have. We are here to help you find the best solutions for your Roseville business.


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