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What is a Truck Restraint?

Truck restraints are built to prevent dock accidents that may include dock walk, vehicle landing gear collapse, trailer creep, premature truck departure and more.

Our commercial dock equipment technician experts are here to ensure that your truck restraints allow your dock to function safely, securely and efficiently.

Our Truck Restraint Brands

We have a wide selection of truck restraint brands to choose from. Our dock equipment brands include Pioneer, Kelley, Rite-Hite, Serco, Aaron-Bradley, McGuire, Blue Giant, Bluff, Pentalift, Nordock, and Level-Rite.

No matter which type of truck restraint you select from us, we will make sure that it is installed correctly! Our commercial dock equipment technicians are knowledgeable about all brands that we carry in order to give you the best commercial dock repair service possible.

We are Experts in Commercial Truck Restraint Repair and Can Install Your Truck Restraint for Maximum Safety

Truck Restraints and other vehicle restraint systems lock trailers into position on the loading dock. Vehicle restraints combine a system of signal lights so the dock attendant and truck driver can communicate.

Each year, thousands of workers are injured due to a forklift accident. With a wide variety of models to choose from, our vehicle restraints perform in virtually any application and secure the widest range of vehicles.

Are you in need of truck restraint installation?

Our ultimate goal is to ensure that our California customers are provided with the best truck restraint repairs and installations so that all of the facility’s workers are guaranteed safety and security.

Why Choose Us for Truck Restraint Repairs, Truck Restraint Replacement or Truck Restraint Installation?


We at Industrial Door Company are here to make sure that your truck restraints are designed to support the capacities and number of loads required by your loading dock operation.

Loading dock safety and efficiency is of utmost importance, thus your truck restraint must suit your company’s needs to make sure your operation is running high-quality dock equipment at maximum output.

Unfortunately, not all loading docks are built the same. For this reason all of Industrial Door Company truck restraint repairs are performed to suit your facility. We provide the best possible truck restraint repairs, truck restraint replacement, and truck restraint installation found on the California market today.

Our Truck Restraint Repairs Guarantee Customer Satisfaction

We will work with you to help you get the right truck restraint for your loading bay system. Our technicians are skilled in making sure all truck restraint replacements and repairs are done to perfection. We ensure a high level of safety protection on your docks.

Call Industrial Door Company for Your Truck Restraint Repairs, Truck Restraint Replacement or Truck Restraint Installation Today!

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