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The durability, versatility, and compactness of metal roll up doors make them popular commercial doors among many different types of businesses. For openings large or small, metal roll up doors can help protect and secure any area. They can be small enough to enclose a counter space or large enough to cover an oversized loading bay. Our line-up of metal roll up doors are available to fit most forms and functions.

How Does a Roll Up Door Work?

Roll up doors are comprised of many small slats of metal that make the door strong. The slats also make the door flexible enough to form a compact roll when the door is open. Unlike sectional doors, roll up doors don’t require a large area of overhead space to properly open. Sectional doors, like garage doors, lift up and along a ceiling, eliminating that space for business use. Roll up doors roll into a small container, leaving overhead space available for a variety of purposes.

Metal roll up doors are simple to install and maintain. Not only are metal roll up doors easy to clean, but they can also be effortless to open. Some metal roll up doors are fitted with automatic controls, so users can simply press a switch, enter a key code, or use a remote control to open the door. For even more efficiency and security, a metal roll up door can also be fitted for high-speed operation. This is especially advantageous for rooms that need quick closure times, such as cold storage or clean rooms.

What Types of Metal are Roll Up Doors Made of?

Metal roll up doors are often made from aluminum, galvanized steel, or stainless steel. Businesses tend to have a preference for one type of metal over another, whether based on the overall look, cost, or durability of the metal. If you don’t know what type of metal to choose, we can help you decide on the best fit for your business needs.

Aluminum is lightweight and often cheaper than its steel counterparts. However, steel is more durable and stronger than aluminum in many cases. Aluminum is naturally rust resistant. Though, steel can be coated with a rust-resistant coating to help prevent rust from damaging the material or look of your door. Steel doors aren’t prone to dents or damage, so they often last much longer than aluminum doors. Steel is much heavier than aluminum, which can be a benefit toward safety but more difficult to operate day to day. Automatic controls can help make steel doors easier to open and shut, and can also help increase the security that much more.

What are the Custom Options Available with Metal Roll Up Doors?

There are several features businesses can add to their metal roll up door to fit their unique space and needs. Insulation is a common addition for both exterior and interior roll up doors. A business can insulate against extreme outdoor temperatures, stabilize varying temperatures between rooms, or even block loud noises from entering or exiting a space. Insulated roll up doors can dramatically reduce a business’ energy costs, especially in fluctuating climates. A tight seal around the door is necessary to receive full benefits from an insulated roll up door.

Extra security measures can also be included with an industrial metal roll up door. Keypads, cylinder locks, and security sensors can help prevent unwanted entry through the door, while brake mechanisms and high speed rollers can help keep workers safe. Safety and security are high priorities for businesses, and metal roll up doors are great options for achieving both.

If fires are of concern, there are fire rated roll up door options to keep your business safe. These types of doors are designed to shut automatically in the presence of a fire. Whether a fire starts outside of or within the building, the contents are contained and kept safe from the fire’s damaging effects. Exterior fire rated doors can prevent fires from entering or exiting the building. Interior fire rated doors can keep the fire contained to a small space and prevent it from spreading to other areas, minimizing the overall damage to your product, inventory, and building.

Most industrial doors come in standard sizes. However, we can work with businesses that have unique doorways as well. No matter how big or small you need a roll up door, we will work with you to find the best option. Metal roll up doors can come in a variety of sizes, so they tend to be a great fit for any type of business or business requirement.


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