Commercial Door Installation, Repair & Service


Commercial Door Installation, Service & Repair



Roll-Up Doors

Short on space? Industrial Door Company has the perfect solution. Our roll-up doors will ensure you get the most out of your available square footage. While typical doors require a lot of clearance to open fully, our overhead doors virtually disappear when in use. Many industries rely on these retractable models. Automotive service bay doors, for example, make it easy to drive vehicles in and out of the shop. Unintentional dents and dings will become a thing of the past. Bay doors are also popular at commercial warehouses and loading docks. Feel free to pick from a range of colors and finishes to suit your preferences, and we’ll custom-fit your selection. From installation to emergency sectional doors repair, you can always count on us to provide you with top-notch service.

Storefront Doors & Glass

Crystal-clear storefront doors & glass doors make a welcoming first impression. The Industrial Door Company team knows how important looks are to the success of your business. Instead of walking past your building, our beautiful storefront doors will attract new customers. We offer high-quality and affordable solutions. Glass provides unbeatable security, weather protection, and visual appeal. If you want to fill the space with lots of natural light, glass doors are the best choice. Our experts can help you choose the style, shape, and size to fit your business perfectly. We carry a variety of options, such as sliding doors, drive-through windows, fire-rated glass, and aluminum doors. Let us help you choose the best storefront solutions for your company.

Fire Rated Doors

Smoke and flames can wipe out a business in just a few minutes. That’s why fire-rated doors are essential—and they’re the law. At Industrial Door Company, we understand the importance of fire protection. Our fire-rated metal doors close automatically in the event of a fire. They’ll even protect your belongings until firefighters extinguish the flames. We carry a full range of options, including steel, aluminum, and fire-rated wood doors. If you have a garage or loading dock, our fireproof coiling doors are the perfect space-saving solution. We even install shutters and curtains to help keep your industrial building safe. Don’t let a fire ravage your company. We can help you choose the right fire doors for your business.

Security Doors

You can’t always be on the premises to keep an eye on your business. When you’re not around, security doors are the next best thing. No one offers a better selection of storefront security doors than Industrial Door Company. Our doors provide an additional layer of protection so your building won’t become a target. Worried about keeping cash in the backroom? Ask about our safe room rollup doors. Want to prevent theft after closing? Try installing roll up security doors. We have a wide range of options to fit your business needs, no matter your industry.

At Industrial Door Company, we don’t believe you have to sacrifice aesthetics when you install metal security doors. That’s why we carry many different colors, finishes, and styles. Whether you prefer the look of metal or want classic wood security doors, we have something for you.  We can customize your doors any way you please. And as always, we’ll also handle the installation, service, and repair for your company’s swinging security doors.

Gate Openers & Operators 

Gate openers and operators are one of the best ways to control who can gain access to your commercial building. Standard doors open with the turn of a doorknob or the pull of a handle. However, installing an automatic gate opener will give you more security and privacy. Industrial Door Company can upgrade your doors with these state-of-the-art features. A gate operator will let you regulate who enters and exits the premises with card readers, entry systems, keypads, or remotes. If you want to limit access to certain areas, we can help. An electric gate opener will let you manage visitors and traffic as you see fit. Depending on the layout of your building, you may benefit from a swinging, barrier, or sliding gate opener. We carry the leading brands, and our experts will help you pick out the right opener and operator to meet the needs of your business.

Automatic Doors & Openers

Trying to open a door when your hands are full isn’t always an easy task. Automatic doors are the perfect solution for this scenario. If you want to select the best automatic sliding door for your business, Industrial Door Company is the company to trust. Our doors are suitable for a wide range of industries, including retail, healthcare, and automotive. You can choose between a commercial automatic door opener or a motion-sensor operator. An automatic sliding glass door makes it easier for customers to enter your building. And if you need to move large equipment through a doorway, an automatic roll-up door will save your crew valuable time. Browse our selection to find your ideal match.

Exterior & Interior Swinging Doors

Functional, easy-to-use doors are a must for any business. All companies can benefit from exterior & interior swinging doors. Because this style is efficient and flexible, these doors are ideal in nearly any work environment. Aluminum doors provide a sleek, clean look. This material is popular in hospitals, banks, and restrooms. Hollow metal doors are lightweight, making them a popular choice for many businesses. Metal doors & frames are very durable, and you can even equip them with a variety of anti-theft locks. Some people prefer the timeless beauty of commercial wood doors. This robust material will hold up in high traffic areas, while still adding a touch of elegance. Come take a look at all the different swinging door options we have available here at Industrial Door Company.

Specialty Doors

Every business is unique, so it only makes sense that every company would have different door requirements. That’s why Industrial Door Company offers more than just your average door. We also carry a full line-up of specialty door options. If you want to break a large room into several smaller spaces, accordion doors are a perfect choice. STC rated doors will dampen unwanted sounds in noisy workplaces. Hospitals and other industrial companies can block harmful radiation with lead lined doors. If you want a secure way to store your airplanes, hangar doors are the answer. No matter your industry, we have the right door solutions for you. Be sure to check out our impressive selection of strip doors, impact doors, cold storage, blast resistant, and more.


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