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What is a Dock Shelter?

Dock shelters provide a canopy above and around a commercial door opening to create a weather barrier for a safe working environment while loading or unloading a truck.

Our goal is to provide dock shelter service to keep your dock safe and efficient.

Dock shelters improve the energy efficiency of your facility and help to provide a safe working dock for your employees. Dock shelters also control the environment in the dock. Our commercial dock service ensures that your dock shelter will be made of the highest quality materials and act as a barrier against wear and tear.

Dock shelters are normally used in applications where the door opening is 10’ x 10’ or larger, or multiple sized trailers are used at the opening. They also normally have rigid sides and roof with vinyl flaps that the trailer backs through giving it a weather resistant environment.

Why Choose Us for Dock Shelter Repairs, Dock Shelter Replacement or Dock Shelter Installation?

Because we know how important dock shelters are for our customers’ docks, trucks and energy efficiency.

Our selection of dock shelters is unmatched elsewhere in California. We provide our customers with the sturdiest, most efficient and longest-lasting commercial dock shelters in the area.

Industrial Door Company dock shelter repairs are performed to suit your facility. We provide the best possible dock shelter repairs, dock shelter replacement, and dock shelter installation found in the greater West Sacramento, California area today.

Our California Dock Shelter Repairs Provide Protection

Our dock shelters are repaired by skilled commercial technicians specialists who are skilled in making sure all dock shelter replacements, dock shelter repairs, and dock shelter installations are done to perfection. We ensure environmental protection on your docks.

Loading dock shelters are designed to accommodate a wide variety of door and vehicle sizes. Our job is to make sure these dock shelters last.

We have a wide selection of dock shelter brands to from which to choose.

No matter which type of dock shelter you select from us, we will make sure that it is installed correctly! Our commercial technicians are skilled with all brands that we carry in order to give you the best commercial dock repair service possible.

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