Steel Doors for RagingWire Data Center


Steel Door for a Sacramento Company

Industrial Door Company (IDC) just installed a sleek new stainless steel door at RagingWire Data Center, a wholesale data center located in Sacramento. With the addition of this door, RagingWire continues its high standard of data security for millions of global customers.

Stainless steel commercial doors provide long-term durability for businesses that place a high value on security. Although they’re considered hollow core doors, their rugged steel design can withstand tough weather, wear, and crime. Complex locks and anti-theft devices sit within solid steel door pulls, making a steel door with steel hardware impenetrable to thieves.

For a data center like RagingWire, this means world-class building security that matches their reputation for world-class data security. The building is a virtual vault, protected by one of the best steel doors IDC installs.

These stainless steel doors are made of stainless steel, which is very attractive when polished and has a high strength to weight ratio. These doors make great security doors, as they are very tough, but not too heavy to move. At this particular installation, the doors are access controlled so only the proper personnel can gain entry to the facility.

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