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When it comes to keeping your retail or commercial space safe when you aren’t there, nothing works better than a security grille. Industrial Door Company offers a wide selection of security grilles to choose from, and we can customize a security grille to suit your needs. Available in a range of sizes and colors, functions and options, there is a security grille for every application. It is quite common for a retail location to use a security grille, especially in locations like strip malls or indoor shopping malls. Security grilles are often used over existing windows and doors to create an additional layer of security between the street or building and the product inside the store.

Security Gates

Whether you need a security gate for the entrance to your property, a grille to protect the merchandise in your retail store, or a folding door to securely partition off an area, the security of your business is important. The options for security gates can be overwhelming. That is why Industrial Door Company is always available for a free consultation or a chat to help you decide what choices are right for your business. Here are a few possible options.

Security Gate Door

Security gate doors are made specifically for openings that are less than 4 feet wide. They provide added security for openings that do not have a door or that need to retain visibility or ventilation while being closed. These can add extra security to a previously existing door, or protect an opening that does not have a door.

Automatic and Electric Gates

Automatic and electric gates are a great way to add to the security of your commercial property without sacrificing the aesthetics of your business. These gates can be sliding or swinging and come in a variety of different styles to perfectly fit your business. We sell all of the accessories and upgrades that you may desire.

Security Folding, Accordion, and Scissor Gates

Folding security gates also known as accordion gates or scissor gates, are a great option for hallways or other areas where a barrier is needed that does not obstruct airflow or visibility. There are several varieties to choose from including single, double, high security, and heavy-duty options. These gates save space in smaller areas and are made from strong and durable materials that protect against impact and break-ins.

Storefront Rolling Gates

Storefront rolling gates are perfect for businesses that need to quickly and easily close the business after business hours. Rolling gates are heavy duty, secure, and can be opened or closed by any employee within a matter of minutes.

Indoor, Outdoor, and Retail Roll-Up Security Grilles

Indoor and outdoor roll-up security grilles are ideal for businesses that wish to secure merchandise and protect against break-ins while also keeping merchandise on display. This can be the best option for businesses at shopping malls or airports where potential customers will be walking by while the store is closed. These doors allow both visibility and ventilation while providing extra security.

Outdoor Commercial Security Gates

Whether you are looking for sliding, swinging, or folding doors, there are many great options for outdoor commercial security gates. These gates are made with durable materials that can withstand the elements. We also stock gate operators and other accessories in many different varieties to perfectly suit your needs.

Glass Door Security Grilles

Glass door security grilles add a strong layer of protection against weather, break-ins, and other types of impact to your glass doors. This is one of the best ways to add security to your storefront or other commercial doors without sacrificing the aesthetics of your business. These security grilles come in a variety of styles to compliment your business.

We only work with the best manufacturers in the business. With the highest quality products and the fastest customer service, you are sure to find the perfect solution. Contact us today at (916)260-2463 or fill out a form online to talk to one of our friendly technicians.

Side Folding Security Grille

This is a common type of security grill otherwise known as “Accordion Sliding Grilles.” They are commonly used where a radius is preferred, or limited headroom is present and for openings with a curve. These are normally made from aluminum and frequently used in commercial security applications. Side folding security grilles come in a wide variety of options and designs from open rod system, Lexan panel inserts, perforated aluminum and many more.

Coiling Grilles

Coiling grilles are commonly found in such places as parking garages, shopping malls, and cafeterias. They are designed to provide security and protection of openings without blocking vision, daylight or ventilation. They are an economical choice and are frequently purchased in large amounts for consistency in commercial spaces. So whether you need one coiling grille or multiple coiling grilles, Industrial Door Company has got you covered.

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