New Sacramento Post Office Doors

New Sacramento Post Office Doors

Industrial Door Company Installs New Chase Doors at North Highlands Postal Center

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Industrial Door Company, a local commercial door business since 1985, just replaced the doors at a Sacramento postal center with strong, long-lasting Chase doors. These doors provide security, durability, and ease of use for the post office and public.

Prior to the installation, the post office at the North Highlands postal center in Sacramento had old, worn doors from years of wear and tear. The United States Postal Service (USPS) installed new Chase Proline 600 Postal Security doors that are engineered to withstand heavy public traffic.

The new doors meet the strictest safety and security standards set by the USPS but are still lightweight enough to open easily and smoothly for postal customers. There are windows so that employees can see what’s happening from either side of the door. They feature safety glass, heavy-duty bumpers, security bars, safety bolts, tamper-proof fasteners and hardware, hinge guards, steel internal reinforcement, and directional signs to guide their use.

The doors were developed through rigorous testing under punishing conditions, including both human use and industrial vehicle traffic. As a result, the new doors will be strong enough to serve the public for many years to come.


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