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Industrial Door Company Earns Elite Safety Qualification

What is Global Safety Agency ISN?

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Established in 2001, ISN® is the global leader in contractor and supplier management. They support more than 500 Hiring Clients in capital-intensive industries to help manage more than 65,000 contractors and suppliers with operations in over 85 countries.

To meet ISN standards, IDC followed a rigorous process of proving compliance with safety programs, accident protocols, vehicle mileage, and documentation requirements. The company also proved that it is in excellent standing with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).

Well-known construction and manufacturing companies around the world use ISN as the gold standard of safety. IDC joins the ranks of other notable ISN-compliant companies like Aramark, Cardinal Health, CBRE, KBR and ThyssenKrupp.

Many California organizations, including government agencies, require ISN certification for vendors and contractors. With its ISN certification, IDC confirms its status as a company that puts safety first in training, tracking, products and services.

IDC plans to continue serving the California community, with a bit of extra pride in its new ISN certification. IDC installs and services commercial doors in Sacramento, West Sacramento, Rancho Cordova, Berkeley, San Mateo, Sonoma, Santa Clara, San Francisco, El Dorado, Mendocino and San Joaquin.


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