High Speed Roll Up Steel Doors


High Speed Roll Up Steel Doors 



When it comes to industrial and commercial doors, the options are nearly endless. The versatility of roll up doors makes them popular for both exterior and interior doorways, and they are most often crafted from aluminum, steel, or fabric. The high speed variety of roll up doors provides businesses with a handful of benefits. They not only increase the efficiency, security, and productivity of an environment, but high speed roll up doors also help regulate temperature and help prevent air contamination between spaces. Roll up doors are also the most compact when open, so businesses can use more of the valuable overhead space for their business needs. While fabric and aluminum roll up doors are more lightweight and budget-friendly, steel roll up doors also have their merits.

Benefits of High Speed Steel Roll Up Doors

The biggest benefit to steel roll up doors is their durability. Steel is much stronger and tougher than aluminum, so these types of doors often last much longer and are lower maintenance than doors made of other materials. Our doors can withstand 300,000 maintenance free open-close cycles, ensuring reliability for years to come.

Not only are steel doors less prone to dents, wear, and other damage, but steel roll up doors are also resistant to severe weather. With steel doors, businesses are protected against high winds, extreme temperatures, and even hurricanes in some cases. There is no doubt that when a business needs a highly durable option for their doorways, steel is the way to go.

The strength of steel also makes it more secure than other types of doors. Steel can help prevent break-ins and protect against outside threats to a building. High speed roll up doors add to the security by decreasing the time it takes to seal the building. The strength and speed of these doors makes them ideal for businesses needing high levels of security in and around their facility.

More Options for Steel Roll Up Doors

Like aluminum doors, steel roll up doors can be customized to fit your needs. Whether you need a particular look to match your building or you need a certain security feature, we have you covered. Steel roll up doors are as versatile as the businesses that utilize them. Galvanized and stainless are the two types of steel to choose from, but the options don’t stop there.

Our fire rated doors help keep your employees, building, equipment, and products safe in the event of a fire. When high temperatures are detected, our fire rated doors automatically close to contain fires and keep them from spreading. Since they shut automatically, you can rest easy knowing your building is safe even when no one is present.

Safety and security are important considerations when choosing an industrial door for any building. High speed roll up doors can be fitted with extra security measures for even greater defense. Key pass operations, cylinder locks, brake mechanisms, and safety sensors are a few examples of the options that can be added to a steel roll up door. Talk to us about our selection of mechanical and high-tech security additions to our high speed roll up steel doors.

Insulation is also possible with steel roll up doors, with the insulation placed in between two sheets of steel. This provides protection from extreme temperatures and lower energy costs for the building, and it can also reduce noise emanating from the building. For noisy warehouses or production facilities, this may help decrease the noise pollution in the surrounding areas. If you have a noisy neighbor, the insulation can also help protect your own environment!

Whether you have a standard doorway size or not, we can work with you to find the right steel door for your building. Steel can come in as many shapes and sizes as aluminum, so don’t let an odd door deter you from steel. We work with small drive-thru windows to large loading bays, with various steel roll up doors accommodating all types of spaces. When you work with us, we will measure your doorway for accuracy to find you the right solution.

One of the benefits of aluminum is that it is naturally rust-resistant. While steel can rust over time, a rust-resistant coating can be applied to a steel door to prevent this wear and tear from happening. The coating can help maintain or even improve the look of the steel doors in your building. If you are worried about rust in your space, talk to us about options before discounting your steel choices.


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