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Choosing the right glass door for your commercial space is easy when you work with Industrial Door Company. We offer a variety of glass door and storefront glass enclosures to enhance the front of your building or property. Whether you need glass roll-up doors, or you need a drive-through window, Industrial Door Company has got you covered. We also specialize in repairs and replacement services related to glass doors and glass storefronts. Whether you need to have a full sheet of glass replaced in your aluminum door, or you want to renovate the entire front of your store, we have everything you need to get your storefront looking great in no time.

Glass Storefront

A great way to attract customers who walk by your retail outlet is to display products in your glass windows. Choosing the right glass windows and doors for your business is made simple at Industrial Door Company. We offer complete storefront packages that are designed to draw people to your location and catch their attention. What’s more, the glass that is used in storefront packages is strong and durable and will stand up to the elements for years to come. If you have broken glass in your storefront, don’t hesitate to reach out to Industrial Door Company to have it repaired or replaced as soon as possible.

Glass Entrances

Glass is a beautiful way to enhance the look and feel of your commercial or retail property. It is weather tight and provides a great deal of natural light into any space. If you have broken glass in your existing entrance, we can fix it for you pronto. Don’t let unsightly broken glass ruin the look of your commercial or industrial space. Industrial Door Company can make it right quickly and easily. Many glass doors are available with security features such as keypads, locking mechanisms, fire rating and more. There are multiple options when it comes to creating the glass entrance that is right for your space.

Drive-Through Windows

Drive-through windows are a special type of glass window that requires the use of special glass. These are typically found in fast food restaurants, pharmacies, banks, and convenience stores. They are often motor operated, but some models are manual operation. They come in a variety of finishes, and you can customize your drive-through window with branding, colors, tints, and more. There are many sizes and shapes available, and you can find the drive-through window that is right for you at Industrial Door Company.

Hardware Repair/Replacement

Industrial Door Company is pleased to offer our clients top-notch hardware repair and replacement services. No matter what type of door you have in your storefront, we can provide you with the right solution to fix is as soon as possible. Sometimes, complete replacement of the door or storefront frame is necessary, but we’ll work hard to make sure you don’t spend more than you have to when it comes to keeping the front of your store looking great and functioning as it should. Fixing broken or cracked glass can stop surrounding glass or frames from becoming further damaged.

Call us today to talk about your repair or replacement needs for your storefront, whether you need glass or aluminum, steel or another material, we’ve got you covered.


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