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When it comes to making the most of your new commercial or industrial door from Industrial Door Company, you’ll want to consider upgrading your door with an electric opener. This is a great idea for doors that are oversized or heavy, due to the materials and construction of the door. For example, you might not need an electric operator for an interior wooden door, but you will want to strongly consider investing in one for a large garage sectional door. Many commercial companies and businesses opt for electric operators as a way to reduce the stress and increase safety for their employees who interact with those doors on a regular basis. We offer several types of electric operators, and we are well versed in repairing existing electric operators as well.

Access Systems

We offer several models of access systems at Industrial Door Company. We put control in the hands of residents and property managers with the most advanced, vandal-resistant offering of telephone entry systems, access controls, keypads, card readers, handheld access devices, and pedestrian and vehicle alert systems. No matter what you need for your commercial or industrial property, we’ve got you covered with an electrical access system.

Jackshaft Opener

Jackshaft operators are designed for use on rolling grilles and shutters, as well as rolling doors. They help to open and close the door properly and without effort on the user’s part. If you have an existing jackshaft operator and are experiencing problems with it, call Industrial Door Company today, and we’ll send a technician out pronto to fix your industrial door and get it back in working order in no time.

Gate Opener

Gate operators are a great option when wanting to control the flow of traffic into your commercial site. We offer four basic styles: swinging, barrier, slide, and high security. All are designed with the best technology, and the reliable quality keeps businesses running smoothly.

Swinging Gate Opener

Many businesses with high traffic but restricted access have need of a reliable swing gate operator. The operators that we install are designed to be quiet, safe, fast, and convenient. Many come with full smartphone access giving our customers complete control over its features. When the priority is full a 90 degree opening in a short amount of time, these are the best and most reliable in the market.

Barrier Arm Gate Opener

Barrier Arm gates are usually designed for one lane of traffic and function to keep vehicles in or out of an area. They are excellent for parking structures, car rentals, and other areas where controlling foot traffic is not important. Our operators support a high number of cycles per day with a fast opening and closing time and barrier arm length capabilities of up to 14 feet.

High-Security Gate Opener

When it is important to control traffic for security reasons, businesses rely on high-security gate operators. Often, high-security gates are made from strong and heavy materials which require capable operators. Security cannot be compromised for a moment, so a low-maintenance, reliable operator is crucial.

Slide Gate Opener

The needs of every business are different. This means that versatility is important when it comes to slide gate operators. We install many different operators that are perfect for the gate weight and size that is needed. Many of our operators are smartphone capable and have backup systems to protect against power outages.

Elite Gate Opener

Industrial Door Company is proud to carry and install Elite brand operators. This brand carries the most reliable, durable, and high-quality products in the industry. Not only are they installed with the newest technology, but they are also weather resistant and have levels of protection against power outages keeping your business operating even during inclement weather.

Contact Industrial Door Company today to find the perfect solution for your businesses’ commercial gate and door operator needs.

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