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About the California Environmental Protection Agency Headquarters Building

Cal/EPA Commercial Door Installation company

According to Cal/EPA's website, "In December 1999, California Construction Link magazine awarded the new Cal/EPA building 'Best of 1999 Awards- Outstanding Engineering.' The award was for 'innovation in air handling, window placement, and recycling, resulting in a 25-story office tower with significant energy savings over California’s stringent energy codes.' 

Cal/EPA's home includes many environmentally sensitive features."

Cal/EPA is located at 1001 I Street, Sacramento, CA 95812.

Why Cal/EPA Chose Our Company for Commercial Door Installation

Our commercial door Installation team asked, "What prompted you to seek Industrial Door Company services? What situation or problem did you need to solve?"

Robert Young of Cal/EPA said,"Needed to replace sagging and warped doors into our main lobby. Steel frame with stainless steel cladding, very heavy and no longer able to correct malfunctions with adjustments."

Our team asked, "What exactly did Industrial Door Company do to contribute to the outcome you wanted?"

Young responded, "IDC provided quote to replace all doors with extruded aluminum units, providing a similar look with half the weight."

Our team asked Young to describe why he felt working with our company was successful.

Robert replied, "Showed up on time (Saturday) got the work done correctly, professionally and timely, guys have good attitudes and are pleasures to work with, and definitely know their craft."

Lastly we asked, "Why did you specifically select Industrial Door Company for this project?"

Young finished with, "Good reputation locally and the industry. Our chief Tom Medelyn had worked with them at previous buildings. Also, they were the only company contacted by us that expressed an interest in helping us with our problems, very impressed."


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