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Commercial Accordion Doors

Commercial accordion doors are a great way for business to make the most of their available space. Accordion doors can serve endless functions. They are a wonderful choice for creating a space inside a business that is flexible and can be instantly transformed from an open floor plan to smaller areas.

Accordion doors can form attractive barriers between the interior and exterior of the building or in between rooms. They are also an aesthetically pleasing way to let customers know that your business is closed while also inviting them to come back during business hours. Some of our models at Industrial Door Company are designed to provide top security outside of business hours while also making it effortless to open the doors at the beginning of the day. 

Another benefit of accordion doors is their compact nature. This allows for the door to be converted from a closed space to a wide entrance within seconds. Business owners can choose other features depending on their needs such as sound dampening or extra security. Accordion doors come in a variety of materials suitable to different needs. 

Commercial Folding Doors

Folding doors provide the greatest versatility for commercial properties. Made with beautiful materials, these doors are attractive whether open or closed and can serve a variety of functions. Our doors are designed to withstand varying temperatures and weather, are resistant to force, and can be installed to fit any area. Business owners can choose to stack the doors on the interior or exterior of the building depending on what will work best for the space.

One of our priorities is ease of operation. Folding doors should be installed with the best of hardware to ensure rapid and effortless opening and closing without excessive maintenance. Folding doors do not need to pocket, giving businesses wider entrances and making installation easier. 

Folding doors can be made from a variety of materials. Glass can provide natural light and a connection with the exterior of the building while other materials can provide security or a different aesthetic. Industrial Door Company is passionate about working with companies to find the perfect solution for their commercial property.

Bi-fold Telescoping Doors

One of the main benefits of bi-fold or telescoping doors is the seamless connection that they give between the interior and exterior of a building. Whether your business has a picturesque view of nature or a courtyard, or a view of a bustling city street, having direct communication with the outside can be a great addition to the property. Businesses in mild climates will benefit from being able to connect customers to the fresh air with minimal effort. Many doors are designed with energy efficiency in mind, making them a perfect option for areas that experience varying seasons. They will keep out the cold in the winter months while providing access to those perfect temperatures in the summer.

Bi-fold doors are also perfect for small entrances as they take up a small amount of space. This can widen a doorway significantly making it easier for wheelchair access. Healthcare facilities or businesses with limited space should consider installing this style of door on their property. 

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